Mercedes-Benz start marketing of redesigned sexy SL-Class 2013 model in Japan

The Mercedes-Benz Japan has started sales of fully re-modeled Highest class super luxury roadster “Mercedes-Benz SL-Class” in Japan from the Sunday March 18th 2012. The sexy new model is fully redesigned for the first time after 11 years long period.
According to the “Japan inspection organization“, the new model is about 140 kilograms lighter than the previous model which is ideal for the fuel-efficiency, amid equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission. Since the car is open roof type roadster, the roof is metal type and opens and close by automatic system.

The new model is loaded with most advanced system to flow warm air from the seats to circulate around passenger’s full body till neck to head. The most benefit of this function is that roof can be open in winter too. The German car-maker are aiming to compete with Japanese sports cars for sale┬áin the domestic market. Although Mercedes-Benz Japan has start accepting order in Japan now, but the first delivery will be possible from the third week of June 2012.