Mercedes-Benz Japan announced F125 plug-concept car in Japan

The Mercedes-Benz Japan, Germany’s best auto-maker has announced fuel cell plug-in concept car in Japan. According to Mercedes Benz Japan, the car will be called “F125″ concept car, and will be on display at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, but this model actually will be available for public sell after 10 to 15 years period.

The F-125 concept car, is also equipped with a lithium-sculpture battery, will run to 1,000 kilometers per charge of hydrogen, while this car can run upto fifty kilometers with the battery only. The Mercedes-Benz Japan Company is planning to market fuel cell vehicle in year 2015 in Japan, before the expected marketing of mass-produced hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars by Japanese new car makers.

According to Japan Inspection Organization, the F125 will catch eyes of eco-friendly car lovers, but at the same time Mercedes-Benz’s competator Japanese car companies will also launch several models with similar specification, which will be start of concept cars war. But for the domestic sale within Japan, Japanese Automobile companies has upper-hand in Japanese used car market, where they can sell slightly used cars at better price.