Mercedes-Benz enjoying biggest profit increased in first quarter of 2012

The German car-maker Daimler AG has announced a 20% increase in their profits for the first quarter of 2012. The profit is the reason of big sales of luxury cars in all over the world specially in Japan, where the auto-maker has tough competition with Japanese new car for sale in Japan. Beside the luxury cars, the company also got attractive profit for the sale of Heavy Truck and large size buses including all kind of commercial vehicles and even small size cars.

According to analyst at Japan Inspection Organization, the main reasonĀ of growing sales in Japan’s domestic market was due to earthquake and tsunami last year when Japanese auto-makers were unable to answer huge demand of new Japanese car orders, where they loose production plants in the disaster. Hence after the recovery, the top Japanese car manufacturer “Toyota Japan” has again captured the market and became the number one auto company in terms of selling of units.

But at the same time, other European car-maker’s Japanese sales offices like BMW Japan and Audi Japan has not announced their profit ratio yet, that might be lower than the Mercedes Benz and other Japanese car companies like Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, and most of all Toyota which is ranked in A category of “Japan Company Trust Organization” trustworthy ranking system. Japanese auto companies will not live the market alone for imported cars in Japan for the current year.