Mercedes-Benz introduces first Hybrid car in Japan

The Mercedes-Benz Japan has launched it’s first ever hybrid sedan car S-Class in Japan. By introducing this car, Mercedes became the first non-Japanese carmaker to sell a Hybrid car in Japan. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class hybrid is the first foreign-made luxury hybrid car to sell in Japanese domestic market and rest of the world, which is dominated by Toyota Motor Company and Japan’s second largest auto-maker the Honda Motor Company.

The S-Class Hybrid car has about 30% better fuel efficiency than other predecessor.
This model is from Mercedes-Benz’s top luxury line-up. BMW Japan is also intending to introduce a hybrid model (exact model still un-known) sometime in coming summer. Non-Japanese automobile makers has also jumped into the heated hybrid-vehicle competition being driven by Toyota Prius and it’s rival Honda Insight which is smaller engine hybrid car than other.

According to the emission control department of Japan Inspection Organization, the fuel consumption of Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class Hybrid car is better than it’s rival hybrid cars. The German automaker is hoping for good sale of this model in Japan, where Japanese new cars are generally popular among the end-used Japanese.

But Mercedes-Benz Hybrid car is expected to be good-selling car in Japan, and will captured the domestic Japanese auto market as one of the quick selling model of Mercedes Benz Japan due to it’s beautiful shape and fuel-economy, which Mercedes-Benz japan has enough reason to  believe that current model  will beat their all rival Japanese new car in term of quolity and performance.

Mercedes Benz CLS Series New Model for sale in Japan

New Mercedes-Benz CLS Series will  be release in Japan in end of June 2011. The car is equiped with CLS350 BlueEFFICIENCY and CLS63 AMG.

CLS350 piezoelectric nozzles through the use of lean burn engine and idle stop mechanism to improved fuel efficiency. The maximum output of engine power is 225kW and maximum torque is 370N · m.

CLS63 uses Twin turbocharger engine. The maximum output power is 386kW and the maximum torque is 700N · m. CLS350 torque converter used with the 7-speed automatic transmission, while CLS63 is without a torque converter and using the wet multi-plate clutch called “AMG SPEED-SHIFT MCT”.

Both models are with standard idle bodies, and use accurately determine piston position to stop crank angle sensor. Electric pumps are installed in both models to provide hydraulic when the engine stops for transmission.  A 12V battery is installed in order to solve the problems of decrease Voltage when the engine running.